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“ceceposya“ is brand of fabrics mainly using WASHI (Japanese hand-crafted paper) and natural fibers with full of specialties.

Their look and hand are well accepted by buyers from decoration and clothing fields.
Comfortably hand-fitting paper, cool, breezy and hand crispy linen, naturally undulating surface, smooth and sensitive shine, fiber-inherent natural hand, and various finishes and techniques.
Thanks to these elements, collaborating traditionally skilled craftsmanship with contemporary designs, these textiles gently stay with our sound life as if these are hints of seasons and tiny happy happenings in our days and weeks. Enjoy distinct JAPAN premium products that make your life happy and pleasant with your touch of playful mind.
The name “ceceposya” is a Japanese archaic word meaning “communicating important and special contents by whispering”. We would like to calmly speak and present the specialties of these unique fabrics.

Something made by someone's hands bring comfort to someone's everyday life.

Whenever you choose and use any product, it also allows the creator to continue their creation.

Everyone is connected each other

and in the same loop.

We have been in collaboration with Japanese traditional production regions such as handmade Japanese paper or hand printing,

hoping that our creation supports these regions and contributes traditional skills to be passed down for years to come.

With much help of their skilled-techniques and wisdom, we advance the prototypes and it ends in beautiful works loved and cherished.


Our fabrics are full of feeling as if it has been with us for a long time.

We will continue to create such fabrics that we want to stay with and cherish for the days to come.

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